Heighten Pleasure, Unleash Passion: RESTIMULATE Your Intimate Moment!

Slide into Passion: The Delay Lubricant That Always Stays Smooth


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  • Long-Lasting Lubrication
  • Lgbtq+ friendly
  • Practical Packaging & Easy Use


  • Stains-Free Formula
  • Long-Lasting Lubrication
  • Delicately Scented

The Formula

The advanced formula of RESTIMULA has been specifically crafted to provide long-lasting and silky lubrication. The smooth and premium silicone melds with the skin, creating a natural and sensual sensation that enhances pleasure without compromise. Experience the softness and glide as the lubricant adapts to your rhythm, delivering a frictionless and uninterrupted experience.


Our philosophy is built on safety and satisfaction.
RESTIMULA is free from overpowering fragrances and dyes, and has been meticulously tested to ensure compatibility with sensitive skin. Treat yourself to the authenticity of an unparalleled intimate experience, thanks to a product that has been developed with care and attention to detail


The water resistance of RESTIMULA Luxury Silicone Lubricant embodies the very essence of the innovation that sets it apart. This lubricant has been meticulously formulated to provide an unparalleled experience, offering consistent and reliable lubrication that remains solid both in the intimacy of the bedroom and in aquatic adventures.

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